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Our Services

We are able to cater to any business or residence in The Philippines. 

  • Access Control System 

  • CCTV/IP Surveillance 

  • Intrusion Detection System

  • Public Address System

  • Parking and Barrier System

  • Fire Detection & Alarm System


We work with various reliable manufacturers from Europe to Southeast asia. It is easy to get the possible materials or devices that you require in your projects.


Whether the devices are installed by us, wear and tear will always happen to technology. That's why it is imperative for an annual maintenance for safety and accuracy of the instruments installed in your facility. Firepro is committed to giving excellent customer service by having a free check-up of your devices.


We have a dedicated, hard-working, and efficient team of experts like - technicians, engineers, construction workers, and technical consultants that are focused on getting the job done within the set deadline. 


Fire Protection can quickly give you basic costings depending on the scale of the project and the given information such as the amount of needed devices and the size of the location. 

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