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Quite recently we have become a dealer of Ciqurix and their list of products. Ciqurix is a UK-based company that specializes security and fire protection systems. One of the most impressive products that they have innovated is the video fire detection. Named as “Fcam” that is able to detect a fire starting using multi sensor cameras. Recognizing it without waiting for combustible materials to ignite.

Fcam comes in three flavors such as:

  • Fcam X – It combines fire detection and surveillance into one IP based system. allowing it to reliably recognize multiple semi-concealed fires in under 12 seconds. It can detect flame both outdoors and indoors at up to 180 meters, in all environments, weather conditions and light levels, including complete darkness, making previously unprotectable areas safe and secure.

  • Fcam Solo – With similar functions to the former type of Fcam, it is designed smaller which makes it perfect for restaurants, malls, bars, shops and homes.

  • Fcam EX – The last type of Fcam is the best kind when dealing in environments like oil and gas industries where fire is a lot more prone to happen. Dangerous as it may be, Fcam EX is capable of delivering high-quality, accurate and fast fire detection at such a high-risk place.

Please check out their website CIQURIX.COM as they have much more detailed information. If you are interested in installing one of these incredible devices at your company. You can solely purchase CIQURIX products from us or we can also provide installation services for you. Feel free to contact us and ask for a quotation based on your needs.

Thank you for reading!

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